a 31-week journey from genesis to revelation

Tempe Naz will start this exciting journey on Sunday, September 9 and finish Sunday, May 19 with a big break at Christmas for an Advent series. We’ll work as a church body to study together the same passages each Sunday to connect the big story of God’s amazing grace. From children to youth to teen to adult, even LIFE groups will use the DVD curriculum to be in sync each week.

Pastor Jon has purchased a few boxes of “The Story Bible” for $5.00 each! Look for more information on this site as we progress.

How do you fit into The Story?

Learn where you fit in to the story. Invite someone else to learn where they fit in. Each week we’ll read a portion of Scripture from a copy of The Story Bible. 

Invite a friend to learn with them.

The STory Schedule

Download a copy of our 31-week schedule of scripture readings so that you can keep up-to-date and study each week.

The Story Schedule.PDF

The Story Timeline

Use this as a guide as you read The Story with us.