Pastor’s NOTES

Check back regularly for a new note from Pastor Jonathan “Pastor Jon” Privett, the lead pastor as he relates something he’s discovered in his daily life with his daily walk with God. 

about “The Story”

September 7, 2018

I grew up trying my best to read the Bible. I loved the beautiful Bible my parents gave me as a child. I felt loved and valued and cared for in a very special way. Sadly, I tried and tried to read it but felt little connection to it. Thankfully, the Living Bible came my way in my teen years. I was able to connect to the stories of the people who shared a personal testimony about their encounter with Jesus Christ. I think I read the stories of the people in the margins of the books of the Living Bible called “The Way" designed just for teens. I read and read and read and felt connected. 

I really believe it may be a challenge for our busy and distracted culture to stop and listen and read the big story of God in the 66 books of the Bible. Many surveys suggest rather strongly that the actual Bible reading of those who say they believe the Bible and its values is smaller than ever. It takes intentional effort both as individual believers and a community of believers to hear the Story of God. 

This September we are starting the 31-week trek through the Bible. Each week we will have Scripture sections to read together and discuss together in small groups and classes as well as personal study. If you would like a Story NIV Bible with the 31 sections of Scripture, they are available in the foyer this week. You can pick up the e-book online if you like. 

Most of all, I cannot wait for the Story to start. Every week we learn one of the big ideas of Scripture. Why do this? We all have a story to tell and it is God's story of working in our lives. I can hardly wait to hear how God is doing a new thing in our lives as we listen to God’s story. 

Here’s where we are headed in September

September 9: The Beginning of Life (Genesis 1-4 and 6-9)

September 16: God Builds a Nation (Genesis 12-13; 15-17; 21-22; 32-33; 35; Romans 4; Hebrews 11)

September 23: Joseph (Genesis 37-39; 41-48; 50)

September 30: Deliverance (Exodus 1-7; 10-17)

Read the Scripture sections and get ready for hearing how God can take every single day of our lives, both good and bad, and connect us to the new work God is doing in our lives. God never quits and God never gives up. That's one of the best reasons I know for reading God's Story.


Pastor Jon

A Lesson from a Yellow Traffic Control Signal

August 17, 2018

What is a traffic light supposed to do? Control traffic at an intersection right? Green means “Go” and red means “Stop” and yellow means “Yield”. The yellow means green is done and red is coming. I have noticed in my first year of driving in Phoenix that the yellow seems to mean something different for many different people! I wonder how many accidents result from trying to get through the intersection when the traffic control signal hits yellow!

The Arizona Revised Statues gave me this legal definition of a Yellow Traffic Control Signal: “Vehicular traffic facing a steady yellow signal is warned by the signal that the related green movement is being terminated or that a red indication will be exhibited immediately thereafter when vehicular traffic shall not enter the intersection” (28-645).

If anything, the way I respond to a yellow traffic control signal can dramatically affect the physical destiny of everyone in my vehicle and everyone in the other vehicle in the intersection. It matters.

Sometimes I have sensed from the Holy Spirit a 'yellow light'. Time for caution. Time to yield. Time to look carefully at the direction I am headed. Time to re-evaluate my speed. Time to let my foot off the gas and brake hard. I’ve been thankful for the times I slowed down and stopped at an intersection and avoided a wreck.

God has a great story of guiding an entire nation of people who did very well when they paid attention to God's signals and did badly when they ignored them. Read the story of Israel in the Old Testament or the story of the church in the New Testament and you can hear God giving clear signals on when to go and when to stop and plenty of warning lights.

What might God be saying to you if the Holy Spirit were a yellow traffic control signal? Do you need to slow down? Or stop completely? What intersection of life do you need to heed as a warning? Finances? Relationships? Health?

I believe God is faithful. God will say “Go”. God will say “Stop”. And God will warn us with “Yellow” signals.

All I have to do is follow God’s signals.



Pastor Jon

Lessons on Discipleship from an Orange Tree

August 10, 2018

Our new home has a 20-year-old orange tree. The former owners left us a note telling us it would need extra water but it was worth it: it has consistently produced amazingly sweet oranges for years!

I sat at the kitchen table today and drank a pot of Dunkin' Donuts® coffee and stared at our orange tree long enough to get inspired. Guess what? I think the orange tree is a beautiful illustration of discipleship.

1. Get Started: Two folks committed to an orange tree and planted it. I am sure it was not much to look at when it started. But it was planted! Get started on your walk with Jesus Christ. Restart your walk with Jesus! Whatever you have to do get started!

2. Get Rooted: I cannot imagine how deep this orange tree goes but I am sure its trunk and size are evidence it goes deep. The deeper the roots go the better the fruit. It is easy to put your hope in emotions or experience but our faith has to get grounded in the God that is revealed fully in the Word of God about Jesus the Messiah. Go deeper!

3. Stay Put: Sorry to say it but transplanting an orange tree sounds like a recipe for disaster. It is well watered twice a day by our irrigation system and gets a special blessing from the hose on super hot days. I’ve seen a lot of Christians jump from church to church, uprooting men and women and children from life-long relationships with disastrous consequences. Stay put and bear fruit. A church change may come but first ask: “How can God change me?” 

4. Bear Fruit: If there is no fruit, this orange tree is not an orange tree, just a waste of space and soil and water. It exists to bear fruit. Its work is to feed my family amazing oranges. It has a purpose and its purpose is to reproduce life-giving fruit. 

I love the church of Jesus but I believe it exists for more than just disciples to gather every week to sing together and learn together for decades: we exist as a church named after Jesus the Nazarene to make disciples that reflect the love and life of Jesus Christ in our world. As precious as my past years in the church are, I set aside my preferences to reach one person for Jesus who has never said “yes” to Jesus yet. We exist to make disciples: our work is to reproduce Christ-like disciples.

5. Pruning is Painful but Necessary: Our good friend helped us by pruning our tree. It was painful to watch and the orange tree was pretty ugly for a while. But the evidence was seeing new life form and grow and branches bend with new fruit. God will ask you by the Holy Spirit to set aside stuff to serve. It will not be easy but it will need to happen to produce fruit, to make disciples, to build the Kingdom, and to move the church forward. Bearing fruit is a beautiful outcome of a painful experience like releasing and letting go of a hurt, habit, or hangup. Prayer is where God prunes my soul: time alone with God reveals what needs to go and where I need to grow.

Let Me Hear Your Thoughts on Discipleship!

Okay, you may have some thoughts about discipleship. I am learning to be a better listener. I am way interested in making disciples of every generation. Shoot me a text or email about something God has laid on your heart. Together, we will pray and work alongside each other to make disciples.


Pastor Jon

"How a Video Game Taught Me About Grace"

July 20, 2018

I am not much of a gamer. Video gaming that is.

Call me old-school: PacMan, Tank, etc. And those were the machines that were as a big as a truck in college.

Years ago, when I purchased a first generation Macintosh, I picked up a free copy of the Oregon Trail Game (the black and white version). Cathleen and I played together. What a fun family bonding experience!

We loaded our wagon and off our family went trekking across the West to Oregon. We were doing well until I thought we could save time and supplies and navigate a river voyage. We all drowned. The Privett family: RIP. Never touched that game again. No second chances. Zero grace. Uggh!

Years later, a nice family gave me a special gift during Pastor's Appreciation and our family decided to buy the super-sale priced Nintendo 64. Sarah and Emilie were ecstatic. We bought four controllers too. One night Cathleen and I played Donkey Kong and spent until 3am trying to get to Level 2. After going to work the next day with little sleep, we moved on to something fun and simple: Super Mario Kart. The whole family had a blast on our small 30 inch TV with four race tracks and four Super Mario Kart race cars. How much fun can you have?

I loved driving fast on the screen and seeing Mario fly around the track, pick up points and avoid obstacles and pass the Finish Line. Even though my nimble-fingered daughters usually were faster on the controllers, we had family fun together.
I discovered a grace moment in Super Mario Kart. When I put the pedal to the medal, as I like to do, I crashed a lot. I went off the course plenty. And there is one section of the game where there is a deep crevasse on the Alpine Race and you off the mountain if you go off the track.

And I fell.

Or Mario fell.

The word on the screen was ominous: “Uh-Oh!"

I thought I was a goner. Game Over. No second chances. No grace.

And then a GREAT BIG HAND scooped me up. Seriously! It came out of the sky and picked me up and put me right back on the track where I slid off.

And then Mario said: “Here we go!"

And I was back on track.

I have never forgotten the feeling of being graced by getting back in the race by the hand from above. It had a profound impact on me. In reality as a pastor, I'm really just in the race with you and will remind you when you go off course, God will pick you up. Every. Single. Time.

At 57 years of age, I'm here to give witness that the grace of God scoops you up when you fail. Do I have a witness? Every single one of us can tell the story of God’s grace.

And that's why I have hope for me. And for you. And for us together. And for our church. And yes, even for our world. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the God who is faithful when we fail. Every single time. Grace finds a way. Grace makes a way. Grace holds us up as we learn to stand and then walk and even run again. Grace never quits.

Read the Bible. God creates a people and they fail. God covenants with His people and they fail. God sends His Son and we crucify Him. God creates the church by the Spirit and we walk away. Does God stop? Grace never stops. God keeps working. Until the end of all things when one day God will graciously give us all things. Who I am to argue with God? Why would I be quick to judge with a God who is quick to grace? God has way more grace than any human being ever: that’s why God is God (and I am not.....and you are not).

If you have been hurt by well-meaning folks in a church whose words sounded more like judgment than Jesus, then let me the first to introduce you to my Super Mario Kart kind of God who takes you and me, scoops us up and puts us back on track.

Why does our church exist at 3929 S. Rural Rd? Why do we gather together, sing songs of praise and share the message of grace? On one of the busiest streets ever? To be a grace place. To offer folks whose lives have fallen off the rails a place to begin again.

And that's not a video game: that's a Bible promise. That’s the God who starts a good work in us and is faithful to complete it.

It's all grace folks! 

Pastor Jon