Nazarene Missions International focuses on five strategic areas where the local church can have maximum impact on missions in the Church of the Nazarene.

  • The first is prayer. NMI gathers believers together for prayer in the local church, linking us to our brothers and sisters in Christ across the globe.
  • The second is the World Evangelism Fund, which fuels the Church of the Nazarene’s mission by combining gifts from each person and church to fund ministries everywhere.
  • Through the Alabaster Offering, the third emphasis, ministries around the world receive funds to purchase property and buildings.
  • The fourth is to engage children and youth through education and fostering calls to missions.
  • Links, the last area of emphasis, strategically connects Nazarene missionaries and Nazarene churches through prayer, personal contact, and generous giving.

See more detail on Areas of Impact | Church of the Nazarene

Below are some of the events sponsored by TNC's NMI council. Connect with us for more information.

2023 NMI Missions Books

Each year, Nazarene Missions International publishes books about missionaries and their experience in the mission field. TNC wants you to live their experience by reading these books so TNC Missions purchases a number of them and makes them available for checkout at the lobby Welcome Center each Sunday. Come sign one out this week. We will be providing big print edition as well. When you've read it, return and check it in, and get another. They are not lengthy stories and this church year there are three.


Check back for more info on this year’s books


Connect with us for more information.

World Evangelism Fund

The fund's purpose is to sustain valuable ministries through consistent mission funding. The World Evangelism Fund provides the undesignated money and mission network that all Nazarene ministries need. Your gifts through TNC partially go into this fund to create and sustain ministries, and allow ministry personnel to spread the gospel.

You can read more at the World Evangelism Fund website. Learn how your contributions are making a difference in the lives of others by giving directly, some examples of ministries made possible, stories of individuals helped in Engage magazine, and the various special offerings that TNC takes throughout the year. 

Alabaster Offering

The Alabaster Offering provides funds for property and buildings around the world. While we understand the church consists of the people of God and not a building, buildings erected for the purpose of ministry help provide a sense of permanence, functionally enhance ministry efforts, and convey an attitude that the Church of the Nazarene intends to "put down roots." Alabaster funds help provide land for many Work & Witness projects, and the entire Alabaster Offering goes toward the purchase of land and construction of churches, schools, medical facilities, and homes for missionaries and national workers.

In September and February, TNC people are challenged to regularly contribute the cost of items they desire but do not need in Alabaster boxes. The boxes also serve as reminders to pray for those people who will benefit from Alabaster buildings.